Irrimax Ltd Products

Irrimax Limited has been importing Rovatti  pumps from Italy for over 12 years.

Irrimax Limited has concentrated on the “Orange Line” (Effluent) range of Rovatti  pumps.

We also stock range of TO PTO pumps. 

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for Rovatti pumps and are able to service these pumps.

Pumps we stock include -

Drainage Models -

TO Series                             SA Series                    MEA Series

TO50                                    S2A3 " K                   10 - 21/2" SP

TOF50                                  S2A3 " Z                   15 - 3" K

TO50A (Self Priming)                                            20 - 3" Z

TOF50A (Self Priming)                                          25 - 3" Z
                                                                                30 - 3" Z


More Info

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