Irrigating Fields
Garden Hose Sprinkler
Grass Close Up
Cattle at Sunrise

"Irrigation Is Key"


With the ever increasing risk of drought, protecting you growing investment is critical.

Whether Hobby or Commercial, Family or Viticulture a well designed and

installed system can give you assurance of combating the risk from our constantly changing enviroment.

Irri-Max Ltd has a wide range of products, knowledge & expertise to assist you  with any of your irrigation requirements 


- Who We Are & What We Do -


Irri-Max Ltd is a Nationwide Distributor of all things irrigation. Importing direct from overseas suppliers & manufactures from countries such as Italy, Spain & Australia, Irri-Max Ltd is able to source quality products at competitive prices.   The guys at Irri-Max offer & provide knowledgable advice & solutions for both water & effluent irrigation matters & are your experts to call!If it has anything to do with irrigation, then chances are we'll know about it & can supply it! 

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