Bauer Couplings

Coupling sizes ranging from 50mm - 194mm


Most commonly used for outlet or delivery of pumping systems, hydrants and irrigation pipe


Identifying features - 

* Male & female type coupling - w/ either hosetail, thread, flange or coupling only - (black or galvanised steel) 

* Female Coupling - Rubber oring is seated in groove of coupling. 

* Male Coupling - ball shape & loose closure ring (seperate) with one small pivoting clamp & and one longer lever arm with small pivtiong clamp. 


How to identify size? When measuring, take a measurement of the opening of the Male Ball. Some couplings can have increased or decreased hosetails or threads for each size of coupling. I.e. commonly a 100mm coupling will have a 100mm tail or BSP thread, however in some cases, the coupling may be 100mm but the tail or BSP thread maybe reduced to 80mm for example. Please be sure when giving sizing that this is checked also. 

Bauer Couplings