100mm Polythene Irrigator Pipe

300m Length 



– Galvanized frame and painted reel

– Flanged turbine on the gearbox, speed control and speed adjustment 

– 4 speed gearbox with automatic drive disengagement, device for rewinding through PTO and rewinding out of the drum

– Leadscrew hose layering device

– 3 wheels sprinkler trolley with adjustable width

– Hydraulic lift operations through manual pump for trolley lift and staker leg Drawbar with connection adjustable in height, mechanical jack and lateral staker legs

– Drum rotation that can be operated from trolley lifting device through release lever

– Sectoring sprinkler with set of nozzles

– Supply hose 6 mt. with female ball joint on line side

– Double water inlet

– Instructions and maintenance handbook

GC 100/300 Hard Hose Irrigator