75mm Polythene Irrigator Pipe

240m Length 



-ID4 IrriMOP Control Panel w/ GSM App Intergration & Monitoring 

– Galvanized frame and painted reel

– 10HP Electric Start Diesel Engine 

– 4 speed gearbox with automatic drive disengagement, device for rewinding through PTO and rewinding out of the drum

– Leadscrew hose layering device

– 3 wheels sprinkler trolley with adjustable width

– Manual trolley lift and staker legs, drawbar with connection adjustable in height. 

– Effluent sectoring sprinkler with set of nozzles

– Supply hose 6 mt. with female ball joint on line side

– Instructions and maintenance handbook


Why So Great?

Due to the absence of a turbine there is minimal option for blocking and insignificant pressure loss in the machine. Consequently the Smart Reel will continue to drive at low pressures whereas turbine drives would normally stall. Accurate application and ease of use are just some of the things that make this machine so great. An optional method of application can be a drop slurry boom for minimal spray drift.


But How?

Once the reel has been programedand set up for its irrigation run, the pressure in the pipeline from the effluent pump being started activates the computer to start the engine and start the wind in process. The computer is constantly calculating pressure and wind in speed to give a near perfect application rate that you require. Application rates ofas little as 5mm are achievable with the Smart Reel,an added plus for conforming to RC consents. There are two ways the Smart Reel will switch itself off. One, the gun cart is fully wound in and a full irrigation run has been completed. And two, pressure to the machine has dropped due to the effluent pump stopping as the sump has emptied or enough volume of liquid has been pumped for one day.If this is the case, the computer will remainidle and restart the engine the next time pressure has reached the machine. i.e. the following days milking.


And So Easy To Use...

The Irri-Max Smart Reel can easily be installed where previous systems such as rotary boom irrigators have been used due to its ability to work at low pressures and the ease of operation. It requires no anchor points therefore the run width is not critical. Being mountedon a turntable allows multiple irrigation runs to be completedwithout the machine having to be moved. For those that are not so computer literate, The Smart Reel offers a basic manual mode which provides a constant wind in speedbased on the engine RPM you’ve entered and does away with the more advanced computer controls.

GA 75/240 Effluent Hard Hose Irrigator